Dennis & Brewster: Top 10 Restaurants to Try!

Dennis & Brewster: Top 10 Restaurants to Try!

Embark on a culinary journey through Dennis, South Yarmouth, and Brewster, where diverse flavors and coastal ambiance define the dining scene. This curated list unveils the top 10 restaurants, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Cape Cod's gastronomic delights.

1. The Ocean House: Coastal Elegance and Seafood Mastery in Dennis

Experience coastal elegance at The Ocean House in Dennis. Celebrated for its seafood mastery and breathtaking ocean views, this restaurant offers a refined dining experience that captures the essence of Cape Cod's seaside charm.

2. Captain Parker's Pub: Cape Cod Tradition and Seafood Classics in South Yarmouth

Indulge in Cape Cod tradition at Captain Parker's Pub in South Yarmouth. A local favorite, this pub offers seafood classics and comfort food in a welcoming atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination for authentic Cape Cod fare.

3. Brewster Fish House: Seafood Artistry and Farm-to-Table Freshness in Brewster

Explore seafood artistry at Brewster Fish House. Located in Brewster, this restaurant combines coastal flavors with farm-to-table freshness, creating a menu that showcases the region's seafood bounty with creative and delightful twists.

4. Scargo Cafe: Intimate Setting and Creative American Cuisine in Dennis

Discover an intimate setting at Scargo Cafe in Dennis. Known for its creative American cuisine, this cafe offers a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes, providing an unforgettable dining experience in a charming Cape Cod atmosphere.

5. Red Cottage Restaurant: Quaint Charm and Homestyle Cooking in South Yarmouth

Experience quaint charm at Red Cottage Restaurant in South Yarmouth. This eatery is cherished for its homestyle cooking, offering a menu that exudes comfort and flavor, making it a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

6. The Pheasant: Fine Dining and Culinary Excellence in Dennis

Indulge in fine dining at The Pheasant in Dennis. With a commitment to culinary excellence, this restaurant provides an elevated dining experience, offering a menu that showcases creativity and sophistication in each dish.

7. Yarmouth House: Classic Steakhouse Fare and Elegant Atmosphere in South Yarmouth

Savor classic steakhouse fare at Yarmouth House in South Yarmouth. Known for its elegant atmosphere and premium cuts, this restaurant invites patrons to enjoy a refined dining experience with exceptional service.

8. Brewster Inn & Chowder House: Historic Charm and Coastal Comfort in Brewster

Immerse yourself in historic charm at Brewster Inn & Chowder House. This Brewster gem offers coastal comfort with a menu that features seafood classics and New England favorites, providing a nostalgic dining experience.

9. Sesuit Harbor Cafe: Waterfront Dining and Fresh Seafood in Dennis

Enjoy waterfront dining at Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis. With its scenic location and emphasis on fresh seafood, this cafe offers a laid-back atmosphere where patrons can savor the flavors of Cape Cod with a view.

10. JT's Seafood Restaurant: Casual Vibes and Seafood Delights in Brewster

Embrace casual vibes at JT's Seafood Restaurant in Brewster. This eatery captures the essence of Cape Cod's relaxed lifestyle, offering a menu that highlights seafood delights and casual dining in a welcoming setting.


As you explore the culinary treasures of Dennis, South Yarmouth, and Brewster, these top 10 restaurants promise a delightful journey through diverse flavors, ranging from coastal elegance to homestyle comfort. Whether you seek fine dining, classic Cape Cod traditions, or casual waterfront experiences, dining in these towns invites you to savor the unique and delicious tastes of Cape Cod.

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