Exploring the Cape Cod Baseball League: A Team-by-Team History

Exploring the Cape Cod Baseball League: A Team-by-Team History

The Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) is a prestigious summer league that has become a proving ground for some of the best collegiate baseball players in the United States. Founded in 1885, the league has a rich history and a strong connection to the local community. Each team in the CCBL has its own unique story, contributing to the league's overall legacy. Here’s a look at the history of each Cape Cod Baseball League team.

1. Bourne Braves

The Bourne Braves were established in 1988, making them one of the newer teams in the CCBL. Despite their relatively short history, the Braves have made a significant impact on the league. They play their home games at Doran Park, a state-of-the-art facility that attracts fans from all over the Cape. The Braves have a reputation for strong pitching and have produced numerous MLB talents over the years.

2. Brewster Whitecaps

Founded in 1988, the Brewster Whitecaps play their home games at Stony Brook Field. The Whitecaps have a strong tradition of community involvement and have been instrumental in developing young talent. They have enjoyed several successful seasons and continue to be a formidable team in the league. The Whitecaps' commitment to player development and community engagement makes them a cherished part of the Cape Cod Baseball League.

3. Chatham Anglers

The Chatham Anglers, formerly known as the Chatham Athletics, are one of the oldest teams in the CCBL, dating back to 1923. They play at Veteran’s Field, a historic ballpark that offers a nostalgic baseball experience. The Anglers have a storied history, including numerous league championships and a reputation for producing MLB stars. Chatham is known for its strong support from the local community and a passionate fan base.

4. Cotuit Kettleers

The Cotuit Kettleers, established in 1947, are one of the league's most successful teams. Playing at Lowell Park, the Kettleers have won numerous championships and are known for their strong tradition and competitive spirit. The team's name, Kettleers, reflects the town's history with the whaling industry, adding a unique cultural touch to their identity.

5. Falmouth Commodores

The Falmouth Commodores were founded in 1923, making them one of the original teams in the league. They play at Arnie Allen Diamond at Guv Fuller Field, a venue with a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere. The Commodores have a tradition of excellence and have produced many notable MLB players. Their strong community ties and dedicated fan base make them a cornerstone of the CCBL.

6. Harwich Mariners

The Harwich Mariners were established in 1930 and have a long history of success in the CCBL. Whitehouse Field, their home stadium, is known for its scenic beauty and passionate fans. The Mariners have won multiple league championships and are recognized for their strong player development programs. Harwich's commitment to fostering young talent and providing an exciting game-day experience has solidified their place in the league.

7. Hyannis Harbor Hawks

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks, originally known as the Hyannis Mets, were founded in 1976. They play at McKeon Park, a venue known for its picturesque setting and family-friendly atmosphere. The Harbor Hawks have a history of strong performances and have been a launching pad for many professional careers. Their rebranding to the Harbor Hawks in 2010 reflects the town's nautical heritage.

8. Orleans Firebirds

The Orleans Firebirds, initially called the Orleans Cardinals, have been a part of the CCBL since 1946. They play at Eldredge Park, one of the most iconic ballparks on Cape Cod. The Firebirds have a rich history of success, including numerous championships. Orleans is known for its strong community support and a tradition of excellence on the field.

9. Wareham Gatemen

The Wareham Gatemen, founded in 1939, play their home games at Spillane Field. The Gatemen have a proud history of success in the league, including several championships. They are known for their strong player development and have produced many MLB stars. Wareham's community involvement and dedication to the sport make them a vital part of the CCBL.

10. Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox

The Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, established in 1973, have a reputation for being one of the most successful teams in the CCBL. They play at Red Wilson Field, a venue known for its vibrant atmosphere and dedicated fans. The Red Sox have won numerous championships and are recognized for their strong performances and player development. Their consistent success and community engagement make them a standout team in the league.


The Cape Cod Baseball League is more than just a summer league; it is a tradition that has fostered young talent and brought communities together for over a century. Each team has its own unique history and contributions to the league’s rich legacy. Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or just looking for a fun summer activity, catching a Cape Cod Baseball League game is a must-do experience.

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