The Ultimate Guide to Boston Dining: Our Top 25

The Ultimate Guide to Boston Dining: Our Top 25

Discover the vibrant culinary scene of Boston with our curated list of the 25 best restaurants right now. From cozy Italian trattorias to innovative Vietnamese tapas bars, there's something to delight every palate in Beantown.

Bagelsaurus Porter Square | Bagels

Bostonians take their bagels seriously, and Bagelsaurus is a standout in the city's bagel scene. Using a four-decade-old sourdough starter, their bagels boast a chewy crust and airy interior, perfect for pairing with cold-smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Bánh Mì Ba Lẹ Dorchester | Vietnamese, Sandwiches

At Bánh Mì Ba Lẹ, speed meets sophistication in their signature bánh mì sandwiches. Made with house-baked rolls and filled with tender pork, smooth pâté, and crunchy pickled vegetables, these sandwiches are a flavor explosion in every bite.

Bar Vlaha Brookline | Greek

Experience the rustic flavors of Greece at Bar Vlaha, where traditional dishes like spit-roasted leg of lamb and tzatziki with a touch of honey take center stage. It's Greek cuisine with a Vlachian twist, transporting diners to the mountains of northern Greece with every bite.

Belle Isle Seafood Winthrop | Seafood

For a taste of New England's coastal cuisine, head to Belle Isle Seafood. Their perfectly fried seafood, including haddock and scallops, is a testament to the art of frying done right. Don't miss their indulgent lobster pie for the ultimate seafood feast.

Celeste Union Square | Peruvian

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Peru at Celeste, where ceviche is elevated to an art form. Each dish is a feast for the senses, from the visually stunning presentation to the bold flavors of fresh seafood and Peruvian spices.

Comfort Kitchen Dorchester | African Diaspora

Comfort Kitchen celebrates the rich tapestry of African Diaspora cuisine, blending flavors from India, Jamaica, Senegal, and beyond. Each dish tells a story of migration and trade, with ingredients traveling across continents to create unforgettable flavor combinations.

Cutty’s Brookline Village | Sandwiches

Discover the magic of a truly exceptional sandwich at Cutty’s, where each bite is a symphony of flavors and textures. From the crispy shallots on their roast beef sandwich to the sweet tomato jam on their broccoli rabe creation, every sandwich is a culinary masterpiece.

Field & Vine Union Square | New American

Step into a culinary wonderland at Field & Vine, where nature meets sophistication in every dish. From tuna crudo served on a vinyl record to hearth-roasted duck legs, each dish is a work of art designed to delight the senses.

Giulia Porter Square | Italian

Giulia is more than just an Italian restaurant—it's a culinary institution beloved by locals and visitors alike. With classics like wild boar pappardelle and bucatini all’amatriciana, every dish is a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Mahaniyom Brookline Village | Thai

Experience the bold flavors of Thailand at Mahaniyom, where traditional dishes are reimagined with modern flair. From crispy green papaya salad to rich massaman curry, each dish is a journey through Thailand's diverse culinary landscape.

Mooncusser Back Bay | Tasting Menu

Embark on a culinary adventure at Mooncusser, where every tasting menu is a journey around the globe. From Texas-inspired red snapper to Korean-American grilled cheese, each dish is a testament to the chef's creativity and skill.

Ming Seafood Restaurant Quincy | Cantonese, Dim Sum

For the ultimate dim sum experience, look no further than Ming Seafood Restaurant. With an expansive menu featuring everything from classic dumplings to innovative fusion creations, Ming Seafood is a dim sum lover's paradise.

Neptune Oyster North End | Seafood

Neptune Oyster is a Boston institution, serving up some of the freshest seafood in town for over 18 years. From cuttle-ink risotto to Nantucket Bay scallop crudo, each dish is a celebration of New England's coastal bounty.

Nightshade Noodle Bar Lynn | French Vietnamese

Explore the intersection of French and Vietnamese cuisine at Nightshade Noodle Bar, where traditional dishes are given a modern twist. From foie gras glazed with fish-sauce caramel to grilled cardinal prawns, each dish is a fusion of flavors and cultures.

O Ya Downtown | Omakase Sushi

Experience sushi like never before at O Ya, where traditional Edomae sushi meets inventive flavor combinations. From grilled A5 Wagyu to foie gras lacquered with chocolate balsamic, each dish is a work of art designed to surprise and delight.

Pammy’s Central Square | New American

Pammy’s is more than just an Italian restaurant—it's a culinary journey through Italy's diverse regions. From buttery skate wing to luscious smoky pasta, each dish is a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Row 34 Fort Point and other locations | Seafood

Row 34 takes seafood to new heights with their innovative preparations and impeccable sourcing. From smoked and cured seafood to freshly caught lobster, each dish is a testament to New England's coastal bounty.

Sarma Winter Hill | Mediterranean, Global

Sarma redefines fusion cuisine with their innovative small plates menu that draws inspiration from around the Mediterranean. From jalapeño cornbread with feta to poutine with fried halloumi curds, each dish is a celebration of bold flavors and unexpected pairings.

Sofra Bakery and Cafe Cambridge | Turkish, Lebanese and Greek

Sofra Bakery and Cafe is a culinary gem, offering a tantalizing array of Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek dishes. From baba ghanouj to tahini sour-cream custard doughnuts, each dish is a celebration of the Middle East's rich culinary heritage.

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen Kendall Square | Hunanese

Sumiao Hunan Kitchen brings the fiery flavors of Hunan cuisine to Boston with their bold and spicy dishes. From green pepper and century egg salad to red-braised pork belly, each dish is a journey through the flavors of China's Hunan province.

The Eaves Union Square | Vietnamese

The Eaves is a hidden gem tucked away in Bow Market, offering innovative Vietnamese dishes with a modern twist. From monkfish vermicelli to crispy turmeric monkfish, each dish is a celebration of Vietnam's vibrant culinary traditions.

Tonino Jamaica Plain | Italian

Tonino brings a taste of Italy to Jamaica Plain with their simple yet sublime pasta and pizza dishes. From maitake and oyster-mushroom lumache to anchovy-topped buttered bread, each dish is a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Toro South End | Spanish

Toro is a South End institution, serving up some of the best Spanish tapas in Boston for over 20 years. From miso butter and uni pressed sandwiches to roasted bone marrow, each dish is a celebration of Spain's rich culinary traditions.

Via Cannuccia Dorchester | Roman

Via Cannuccia brings the flavors of Rome to Boston with their authentic Roman trattoria cuisine. From pollo alla Romana to cacio e pepe, each dish is a celebration of the simple yet delicious flavors of Italy's Lazio region.

Yume Ga Arukara Porter Square, Seaport | Udon

Yume Ga Arukara specializes in one thing and does it exceptionally well: udon noodles. From hot to cold, spicy to mild, each bowl of udon is a celebration of Japan's rich culinary heritage.

Embark on a culinary journey through Boston's diverse culinary landscape and discover the flavors that make this city a food lover's paradise.

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