Barnstable & North Side: 10 Restaurants to Try!

Barnstable & North Side: 10 Restaurants to Try!

Embark on a gastronomic journey through Barnstable and the enchanting North Side of Cape Cod. This list unveils the top 10 restaurants, each offering a unique blend of culinary excellence, local charm, and coastal flavors, making this region a haven for unforgettable dining experiences.

1. The Dolphin Restaurant: Waterfront Elegance and Seafood Sophistication

Experience waterfront elegance and seafood sophistication at The Dolphin Restaurant. A Barnstable icon, this establishment offers a refined atmosphere and a menu that celebrates the bounty of the sea, creating a dining experience that reflects Cape Cod's maritime heritage.

2. Barnstable Tavern: Historic Ambiance and Culinary Delights

Step into historic ambiance at Barnstable Tavern, where culinary delights meet Cape Cod charm. With a menu inspired by local ingredients and a cozy setting, Barnstable Tavern provides a welcoming retreat for those seeking a taste of New England tradition.

3. Alberto's Ristorante: Italian Excellence in the Heart of Hyannis

Indulge in Italian excellence at Alberto's Ristorante, nestled in the heart of Hyannis. With a menu that captures the flavors of Italy, this restaurant invites you to savor a delightful fusion of Old World tradition and Cape Cod flair.

4. Yarmouth House: Classic Cape Cod Dining and Timeless Elegance

Discover classic Cape Cod dining and timeless elegance at Yarmouth House. Located in Yarmouth, this restaurant combines a warm atmosphere with a menu that showcases the best of New England cuisine, providing a memorable experience for all.

5. Mattakeese Wharf: Seaside Serenity and Locally Sourced Fare

Immerse yourself in seaside serenity at Mattakeese Wharf, offering locally sourced fare in Barnstable. With panoramic views of the harbor and a commitment to fresh ingredients, this restaurant captures the essence of coastal dining on Cape Cod.

6. Old Yarmouth Inn: Colonial Charm and Gourmet Creations

Experience colonial charm at the Old Yarmouth Inn, where gourmet creations take center stage. This Yarmouthport gem offers a menu that marries traditional New England flavors with innovative culinary techniques, creating a dining experience steeped in history and taste.

7. The Optimist Café: Quaint Vibes and Artisanal Delights in Yarmouthport

Savor quaint vibes and artisanal delights at The Optimist Café in Yarmouthport. With a commitment to locally sourced ingredients and a cozy setting, this cafe invites patrons to enjoy a delightful culinary escape on the North Side of Cape Cod.

8. Pain D'Avignon: French Boulangerie Excellence in Hyannis

Transport yourself to the streets of Paris at Pain D'Avignon, a French boulangerie in Hyannis. Known for its authentic pastries, bread, and culinary creations, this establishment offers a taste of France in the heart of Cape Cod.

9. Spoon and Seed: Farm-to-Table Freshness in Hyannis

Experience farm-to-table freshness at Spoon and Seed in Hyannis. With a commitment to locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, this restaurant provides a menu that reflects the vibrant flavors of the Cape, creating a culinary haven for food enthusiasts.

10. Osterville Fish Too: Coastal Charm and Fresh Seafood in Barnstable

Experience coastal charm and fresh seafood at Osterville Fish Too in Barnstable, located by Millway. This hidden gem offers a menu that celebrates the Cape's maritime heritage, providing a laid-back yet flavorful dining experience on the North Side of Cape Cod.


As you explore the culinary treasures of Barnstable and the North Side of Cape Cod, these top 10 restaurants promise not only exceptional meals but also a celebration of the region's diverse and vibrant flavors. Whether you're drawn to waterfront elegance, historic inns, or quaint cafes, dining in this area invites you to savor the unique tastes that make Cape Cod a culinary destination.

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