Cohasset & Scituate: Top 10 Restaurants to Try!

Cohasset & Scituate: Top 10 Restaurants to Try!

Embark on a culinary adventure through the coastal towns of Cohasset and Scituate. This curated list unveils the top 10 restaurants, each contributing to the unique gastronomic tapestry that defines these picturesque Massachusetts locales.

1. Lenny's Hideaway: Quaint Charm and Local Flavors in Cohasset

Discover the quaint charm of Lenny's Hideaway in Cohasset. Celebrated for its local flavors and welcoming ambiance, this restaurant offers a delightful dining experience that captures the essence of the community.

2. Oro: Italian Flair and Artisanal Cuisine in Scituate

Indulge in Italian flair at Oro in Scituate. With a focus on artisanal cuisine and a warm ambiance, this Scituate gem invites patrons to savor dishes inspired by Italy, creating a delightful and authentic dining experience.

3. The Red Lion Inn: Historic Charm and Modern Culinary Delights in Cohasset

Immerse yourself in historic charm at The Red Lion Inn. This Cohasset establishment combines a rich history with modern culinary delights, offering a menu that reflects the town's heritage in every dish.

4. Salt Society: Coastal Dining and Spectacular Views in Scituate

Discover coastal dining at Salt Society in Scituate. With spectacular views of the Atlantic, this restaurant provides a memorable experience with a menu highlighting the best of local and seasonal ingredients.

5. The Barker Tavern: Historic Inn and Classic American Fare in Scituate

Experience classic American fare at The Barker Tavern in Scituate. Housed in a historic inn, this restaurant offers a menu that combines timeless dishes with the charm of New England hospitality.

6. The Galley: Nautical Vibes and Fresh Seafood in Scituate Harbor

Enjoy nautical vibes at The Galley in Scituate Harbor. This waterfront eatery is known for its fresh seafood and a laid-back atmosphere, providing a quintessential New England dining experience.

7. Rivershed: Quaint Atmosphere and Locally Inspired Dishes in Scituate

Explore a quaint atmosphere at Rivershed in Scituate. Known for locally inspired dishes, this eatery offers a menu that reflects the flavors of the region, creating a welcoming environment for patrons.

8. Caledonia Bar & Restaurant: Scottish Pub Fare with a Contemporary Twist in Cohasset

Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance of Caledonia Bar & Restaurant. This Cohasset establishment offers a unique blend of Scottish pub fare with a contemporary twist, providing a cozy retreat for those seeking hearty and flavorful dishes.

9. Atlantica Restaurant: European Flavors and Waterfront Dining in Cohasset

Indulge in European flavors at Atlantica Restaurant in Cohasset. With a focus on culinary craftsmanship and waterfront dining, this restaurant provides an exquisite taste of European-inspired dishes with a coastal twist.

10. TK O'Malley's Bar and Grille: Casual Pub Fare and Live Entertainment in Scituate

Experience casual pub fare at TK O'Malley's Bar and Grille in Scituate. This lively spot combines delicious comfort food with live entertainment, making it a favorite among locals seeking a relaxed and entertaining dining experience.


As you explore the culinary treasures of Cohasset and Scituate, these top 10 restaurants promise a diverse array of flavors, from local hideaways to coastal dining. Whether you seek Italian delights, classic American fare, or fresh seafood, dining in these coastal towns invites you to savor the unique tastes that define the charm of Massachusetts' South Shore.

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