Meet Alfred Schofield

Meet Alfred Schofield

Q: Alfred, can you share a bit about your background and how your journey led you to become partners with Tony Guthrie?

A: Absolutely! I'm a Massachusetts native, born and raised in Barnstable. After completing my Master's at Babson College, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to co-found VitalFit Nutrition. We experienced rapid growth, establishing a nationwide partnership with Equinox and eventually being acquired by Tom Brady's TB12 brand. Following this chapter, I delved into leadership roles within TB12, specifically overseeing the e-commerce division. I then joined Paul Grover, an early mentor of mine, as VP of Strategic Growth at Berkshire Hathaway Robert Paul Properties. After working with his team for most of 2023, I was excited by the chance to work collaboratively with Tony and continue growing in the field. 

Q: That's quite a unique transition from wellness to real estate. How did you make that shift, and what drew you back to your roots on Cape Cod?

A: While working with Paul Grover at Berkshire Hathaway Robert Paul Properties, I felt a pull back to my roots. The opportunity to join Tony Guthrie presented itself, and it felt like the perfect alignment of my skills and passion. Being deeply connected to the Cape and South Shore, I found immense joy in helping others navigate the real estate landscape in these communities.

Q: Your partnership with Tony Guthrie is a key aspect of the group's success. How do your individual strengths complement each other in serving clients?

A: Tony and I bring a dynamic mix to the table. My background in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and strategic growth, combined with Tony's 30 years on Cape Cod and his luxury hospitality experience, creates a synergy that benefits our clients. We blend local market insights with a broad business perspective, ensuring our clients receive well-rounded, personalized service.

Q: Beyond your professional journey, it's clear you have a passion for real estate investment and renovation projects. Tell us a bit about Rising Tide Real Estate and your approach to these endeavors.

A: Rising Tide Real Estate is a passion project my wife Emilia and I founded. We've undertaken several real estate investment and renovation projects, infusing each one with our love for design and commitment to creating spaces that resonate. It's a hands-on experience that allows us to bring a unique perspective to our clients, especially those seeking homes with character and potential.

Q: On a personal note, how do you balance your time between Hingham and Cape Cod, and what are some of your favorite activities in these locales?

A: Emilia (my wife) and I have a wonderful balance between Hingham and Cape Cod. In the summer, you'll find us on our boat in Barnstable Harbor, soaking in the coastal beauty. In the winter, we're avid skiers, exploring the slopes throughout New England. It's a lifestyle we cherish, and it also gives us valuable insights into the diverse interests and preferences of our clients.

Q: Your Boston Terrier/Australian Cattle Dog, Blue, must add a lot of joy to your life. Any memorable adventures with Blue that stand out?

A: Absolutely! Blue is our loyal companion, and he brings so much joy. Our most memorable adventures are exploring the Cape together. Whether it's a beach day or a trail walk, her enthusiasm is infectious. She's always ready for a journey!

Q: In closing, what excites you most about the future of your partnership with Tony, and what do you hope to achieve for your clients in the coming years?

A: The future is incredibly exciting for our group. We aspire to set new standards in luxury real estate, continually expanding our knowledge and services. Our goal is to make the real estate experience seamless, personalized, and rewarding for every client. The joy we find in helping individuals and families discover their dream homes is what drives us forward.

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