Meet Tony Guthrie

Meet Tony Guthrie

Q: Tony, your tenure as the resort manager at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club reflects a deep connection to Cape Cod. How did your experience in luxury hospitality shape your approach to real estate?

A: Working in luxury hospitality ingrained in me the values of impeccable service, attention to detail, and creating memorable experiences. These principles seamlessly translate into my real estate philosophy—the "total solution of customized client services." It's about listening to clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering a tailored approach that goes beyond expectations.

Q: You've been a Cape Cod resident for over 30 years. What aspects of Cape Cod living do you find most enchanting, and how does that passion resonate in your work?

A: Cape Cod is more than a place; it's a lifestyle. The coastal beauty, the vibrant communities, and the sense of community create an enchanting backdrop. This passion infuses my work with a genuine understanding of what makes Cape Cod special. Whether it's serving the Lower Cape or representing homes across the region, my goal is to share the magic of Cape Cod living with clients.

Q: Your husband, Anvar (Andrew is his nickname!), is an entrepreneur in the wellness industry. How does your shared passion for wellness influence your approach to real estate, and do you see intersections between the two?

A: Anvar's work in wellness aligns seamlessly with our approach to real estate. Both involve enhancing the quality of life. Our shared passion for wellness fosters a holistic understanding of our clients' needs, considering not just their homes but also the lifestyle they aspire to. It's about creating spaces that promote well-being and align with the broader vision of a fulfilling life.

Q: In addition to your impressive real estate career, you've served as the resort manager at Wychmere and Wequassett. How has this dual perspective in real estate and hospitality shaped your ability to cater to diverse client preferences?

A: The dual perspective has been instrumental. Real estate is not just about properties; it's about the lifestyle they offer. My background in hospitality allows me to guide clients not only in choosing homes but also in curating the experiences associated with them. It's about understanding the nuances of coastal and village living and ensuring that every client finds their perfect match.

Q: Three dogs—Louie, Frankie, and Burrito—are a delightful part of your life. How do they add to your daily routine, and have they become unexpected ambassadors in your real estate ventures?

A: The dogs are not just pets; they're family. Their infectious energy and unconditional love add a joyful rhythm to daily life. In real estate, they've become unexpected ambassadors. Whether it's exploring dog-friendly communities or understanding the unique needs of pet owners, they've broadened my perspective and deepened my connections with clients who share a similar love for their furry companions.

Q: You often represent homes across Greater Boston. How do you navigate the diverse real estate landscape of both Cape Cod and the metropolitan area, ensuring clients receive unparalleled service regardless of location?

A: Navigating diverse landscapes is about understanding the unique charms of each region. While the Cape offers coastal serenity, Greater Boston provides a dynamic urban lifestyle. The key is adapting my approach to align with the distinct preferences of clients, ensuring that whether it's a coastal retreat or a city dwelling, they receive the same level of personalized service and expertise.

Q: Beyond the standard real estate skill set, you emphasize the importance of listening. How has this focus on truly understanding your clients set the tone for long-lasting relationships and successful transactions?

A: Listening is the cornerstone of a successful partnership. It's about understanding the aspirations, goals, and dreams of my clients. By truly connecting with them on a personal level, I not only guide them through transactions but also become a trusted advisor. This commitment to listening forms the foundation for enduring relationships and successful real estate journeys.

Q: In your pursuit of better serving clients, how do you continuously refine your skills and stay attuned to the evolving needs of the real estate market?

A: Real estate is dynamic, and staying ahead requires continuous learning. Whether it's exploring innovative marketing strategies or understanding market trends, I invest time in ongoing education. This ensures that my skills remain sharp, and I can offer clients insights that go beyond the ordinary. It's a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing the best for those I serve.

Q: As a resident of Braintree, how do you find the balance between your Cape Cod roots and your life in the metropolitan area, and does this duality influence your perspective in real estate?

A: The duality offers a unique perspective. Braintree brings metropolitan vibrancy, while Cape Cod provides a serene escape. This balance allows me to understand the preferences of clients seeking diverse lifestyles. Whether it's a coastal retreat or a city residence, I bring insights from both worlds, ensuring clients receive well-rounded guidance and find homes that resonate with their individual preferences.

Q: Tony, your commitment to charitable giving is remarkable. Can you share more about your involvement in community service, particularly your work at the soup kitchen and as the lead representative for the Sunshine Soiree?

A: Giving back to the community is a core value for me. Twice a week, I volunteer at a local soup kitchen, where I find immense fulfillment in supporting those in need. Additionally, serving as the lead representative for the Sunshine Soiree is a passion project. This annual event, hosted at the Chatham Bars Inn this year, raised over 80k for charity, specifically benefiting the Sunshine Kids. It's a meaningful way to combine my love for community service with our vibrant local events, making a positive impact on lives both near and far.

Q: Looking ahead, what excites you most about the future of Guthrie Schofield Group, and what do you hope to achieve for your clients in the coming years?

A: The future holds exciting possibilities for Guthrie Schofield Group. We aim to redefine luxury real estate by combining our deep local expertise, commitment to personalized service, and innovative approaches. My goal is to continue fostering long-lasting relationships, helping clients achieve their real estate dreams, and ensuring that every transaction reflects the integrity and excellence that define our team.


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