Oyster Harbors: A Secluded Paradise with Rich History and Exclusive Amenities

Oyster Harbors: A Secluded Paradise with Rich History and Exclusive Amenities

Nestled within the scenic village of Osterville, Massachusetts, lies the exclusive gated community of Oyster Harbors. Perched on Grand Island, this enclave is a testament to luxury living, surrounded by the pristine waters of North Bay, West Bay, the Seapuit River, and Cotuit Bay. Boasting unrestricted access to Nantucket Sound, Oyster Harbors is a haven for those seeking both tranquility and maritime adventure.

Boating Paradise:

Oyster Harbors is a boater's paradise, with many residences featuring private, deep-water boat docks. Residents enjoy the freedom to sail seamlessly into the open waters of Nantucket Sound. The community's strategic waterfront location enhances the allure of coastal living, providing a backdrop of breathtaking views and maritime escapades.

The Oyster Harbors Club: A Golfing Legacy:

Established in 1926, the Oyster Harbors Club is at the heart of this distinguished community. Designed by the legendary Donald Ross, along with John and Frederick Olmstead, the club features an 18-hole championship golf course that underwent a meticulous restoration by Tom Doak of Renaissance Golf Design in 2009. The course is a testament to timeless elegance and golfing excellence, offering a challenging yet picturesque landscape.

Historical Roots:

The history of Oyster Harbors traces back to the Wampanoag tribe's settlement on Cape Cod. Legend has it that Captain Kidd may have hidden treasure at Noisy Point, guarded by the enigmatic Hannah Screecham. The island's evolution includes a period of reservation for Native Americans, a lawsuit in 1737 leading to its sale to the Lovell family, and centuries of uninhabited use for salt works and pastureland.

In 1904, Harvard University professor Edward Channing built the first permanent house, a hunting lodge, marking the beginning of Oyster Harbors' transformation into a summer retreat. The island's landscape was shaped by the Olmsted Brothers, renowned landscape architects who also designed New York's Central Park.

Oyster Harbors' Renaissance:

The pivotal moment came in 1925 when entrepreneur and real estate developer Forris W. Norris saw the island's potential. By 1929, Oyster Harbors, Inc. was formed, and the island underwent a rapid transformation into a charming summer resort. The Olmsted Brothers designed a golf course, and the island officially became Oyster Harbors.

Ownership changes occurred between 1925 and 1967, with Oyster Harbors Club operating under investors and stockholders. Notably, the landscape architects Olmsted Brothers and golf course architect Donald Ross contributed to the island's allure. In 1968, a new era began, marking the establishment of the current club.

Preservation Efforts:

In the face of financial challenges in 1960, dedicated individuals like T. Kenneth Boyd, Paul Mellon, and Harry Hoyt, Sr. stepped in to secure the island's future. The commitment of Paul Mellon, who became the sole stockholder in 1980, ensured Oyster Harbors' status as a private island, preserving its unique charm, the club, and the golf course.


Oyster Harbors stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of history, natural beauty, and exclusive living. As a sanctuary for those who appreciate maritime splendor and golfing excellence, this gated community invites you to experience a lifestyle defined by elegance, seclusion, and a rich historical tapestry. Discover Oyster Harbors – where every tide tells a tale, and every fairway echoes with the whispers of a bygone era.

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