Q+A with Ashley Carter - Interior Design and Staging Expert

Q+A with Ashley Carter - Interior Design and Staging Expert

Recently, we sat down with our friend and collaborator, Ashley Carter. Ashley is the founder of Ash Jordan designs, a full service interior design firm and our go to for staging. Her expertise proves invaluable when it comes to how to maximize both the value and liveability of your home - below asked her a few questions that every potential or current home owner might find helpful! 

Q: Can you share your perspective on the importance of home staging when it comes to listing a property?

Ashley: Home staging is crucial when listing a property because it enhances its appeal and helps potential buyers visualize the space's potential. It's not just about furniture; it's about creating a story that resonates with buyers.

Q2: Could you share a personal experience where home staging made a significant difference during a property tour?

Ashley: Certainly. I recently toured a property with a client, and an unfurnished guest room seemed limiting. The client assumed it couldn't fit a king bed. Using my design expertise, I measured the space and showed him not only could it fit a king bed but also two nightstands. It emphasized how buyers often lack the vision that designers bring to the table.

Q3: What are some tangible benefits that sellers can expect from staging their homes?

Ashley: Staging offers several benefits. Firstly, studies indicate that staged homes sell faster, reducing time on the market. In a competitive market, a well-staged home stands out, attracting more attention and potentially fetching a higher price. Additionally, professional photography of staged homes garners more online views, increasing the chances of attracting interested buyers.

Q4: Are there any specific advantages for sellers in terms of return on investment when it comes to home staging?

Ashley: Absolutely. While there's an initial cost to staging, many sellers find it pays off in the long run. The faster sale and potential for a higher sale price make it a worthwhile investment. Staging emphasizes a property's key features, helping it shine in the eyes of potential buyers.

Q5: Can you elaborate on how staging helps emphasize a property's key features?

Ashley: Staging allows you to showcase each room's best aspects, creating a cohesive and appealing look. It helps buyers envision themselves living in the space by highlighting the property's strengths. It's about creating a memorable impression that sets the property apart in a competitive market.

Q6: For those considering staging, what advice do you have, and do you have any recommendations for interior photographers?

Ashley: For anyone considering staging, my advice is to focus on creating a neutral yet inviting atmosphere. As for photographers, I have a list of incredible interior photographers we can contact to ensure your staged home is beautifully captured and showcased online.

Q7: In summary, how would you describe the overall impact of staging on the real estate experience for both sellers and buyers?

Ashley: Staging is a strategic and worthwhile investment for both sellers and buyers. It accelerates the sales process, enhances a property's appeal, and positions it as a standout contender in a competitive market. It truly adds value to the overall real estate experience.

Thank you to our collaborator and friend Ashley Carter, founder of Ash Jordan Designs: a full service interior design firm that will assist clients with a wide range of tasks including collaborating with architects and builders, selecting textures, colors, finishes, furniture, and any other decor items, and creating custom pieces for your space.

Are you working on a home renovation or preparing to sell your home? Be in touch with us or Ashley to help maximize value and enhance your home! 

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